Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shake your booty! Chicka bow wow. Thanks to Katrina the kids love the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks and from this movie they have learned how to dance. Hope you roll as much as we do everytime we see this!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still No Pics

So I still haven't added pictures yet but that's okay because only Lee and Hannah know that this blog even exists! Hey guys! Things are going well and CJ promises that he will show me how to get my pictures and videos on the website. At that point I will send out a mass email to everyone and you will find this silly post! Just another test!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So I have been asked for years now when would I join Facebook and to be honest I have never had the time to even begin trying to create a webpage. But with the changing times and as the children are getting older...I feel like I should create a website to let others know how we are doing and to be able to keep up with us!

In case you haven't been in touch for a while here are a few updates. I am currently working at Voss Vision in Greenville, SC where I am the Front Desk slave...haha. I really do like my job and have been working there for three years now. I am literally days away from finishing my Masters in Business (MBA) from North Greenville University! CJ is officially the general manager at the Chick-Fil-a in Taylors, SC and has been there almost a year and a half. He has been enjoying his time in the business world and it has opened his eyes to the many possibilities that are out there. Noah turned four this past February and is starting school this coming week! He has so much energy; we are slightly concerned that his teachers might think so too! AnnMarie turned two this past April and is the biggest motor mouth I know of. She has been talking well for the past year (which is about the time Noah started talking...hmm...) and never takes a breath. CJ says her future husband will never have to worry about what he needs to do...she will always let you know where you stand with her and what she expects you to do.

We are very behind in transfering our pictures from our camera to the computer so the picture listed is from the trip we took to Orlando this past January. We got to see Clemson play Nebraska (Go Big Red) in the Gator Bowl on New Years Day and then spent a few days at SeaWorld. This picture of Noah and AnnMarie is of them enjoying their breakfast on the porch. How grown up of them! I promise, now that I have joined the blogging world that I will post new pictures and keep everyone up to date! I will try to figure out how to get the many videos and pictures from my phone onto the website...I can't wait for you to see the kids "shake their booty". You will roll!