Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's up dudes?

Awesome! It is raining outside as I type this! We prayed for rain on Sunday at Church and from the forecast we have been given I think it's suppose to rain for the next 10 days! There you go Ridgeview!!!
There's nothing major going on but thought I wouldn't disappoint everyone by not sending an update on our boring lives! This past weekend we have a story to tell...
We came home from our small group around 8:30 and our next door neighbor informed us that we had a new tree in our back yard. It might would of been nice if tha meant that we had a planted tree in the back yard but it did not. It meant that our back neighbors tree snapped in two about 20 feet up and landed smack in the middle of our metal building crushing everything in it's path. Since it was a large tree that meant we lost everything in the building. Being homeowners I called the insurance company on Moday and discovered that if a tree falls in your yard it becomes your property and pretty much it was now our responsibility to file and apply to our deductible. That sucks! But now CJ gets a new building out of it. At least it was the building and not the home....that's not nearly as easy to replace :) But it reminds us that we really do need to have the tree in the yard that is dead to be removed. No time like the present right?

The kids are getting ready to spend a week with my family while CJ and I stay at home and work. I can remember as a kid getting to go spend 2 weeks with Nan and Pop and camping out at the pool all day. I hope the kids enjoy it and have the same type of memories that I have from my childhood. AM told me tonight that we need to pack tomorrow. I asked her what she was most excited about and she told me getting to see Rocky and Major, the dogs. Ha! Major is smart enough to hide but poor Rocky loves attention and still runs from AM! She follows them everywhere and you can just see their exhaustion when she chases them!!!

Th storm is really starting to pick up so I am going to turn off the computer. Stay safe!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Long time no blog...

Ok...I am not really sure what is going on with my internet but this is the third attempt to write a post. :(
I apologize for the long laspe in posts and I promise we are all doing well. We have been pretty busy and to be honest I had great intentions!!!
I wanted to send a quick recap of what we have been up to and perhaps sometime soon I can post a few pics with various blogs of what really has been going on.

At the end of May we went on a family vacation to Florida and visited SeaWorld, Disney and Daytona. It was so much fun to just leave and it didn't hurt that we were gone for 10 days. If you ask me you have to be gone for a minimum of 7 days for it to be a true vacation. Don't hear me wrong...Everyone knows we take as many mini vacations to equate a month long vacation but I think every year you need to take a 7 day vacation!

We have awesome pics of the kids on vacation and I look forward to posting those with their stories.

Right after we got home CJ suprised me with a Birthday present. He called my family and told them he wanted to take me home for my birthday and Fathers Day. We spent the weekend by the pool and with one another hanging out. We didn't really have any goals for the day other than to have a good time and that we did! We all were home for Sunday including my mom and her boyfriend and I have never felt so comfortable and proud of my family. We got some great shots of everyone and I finally got the pics developed. My goal over this weekend is to get them mailed off.

Also during the month of June we have started a new daycare for the kids. It has taken a full four weeks but I feel as if they are really enjoying themselves and finally not talking about the Sunshine House EVERYDAY. They are currently going to the Sonshine Learning Center and have learned more about God and educational tools and are just blossoming as beautiful children. Now it's not to say they weren't doing this before...it's just they are in a much more structured enviroment now.

The kids get to go to swimming lessons every week now at the Y. It is very important to me that the kids learn how to swim and they both do not fear water at all. I don't get to see what they do at their lessons because they leave from the school...however they are always extremely eager to show me their new skills. Noah is learning how to float on his back and AnnMarie is getting comfortable with putting her whole body under water. Her favoriate thing is to blow bubbles :)

We recently became the proud owners of two gerbils. AnnMaries is solid black and his name is Cottonball. Noah's is brown with some really cools spots and his name is Runner. Mommy is doing a really good job of taking care of them and the hermit crabs...and let me tell you. It really upsets me when they eat the plastic in their cage. We have lost their food container because the ate such a hole in it it can't hold the food and they have recently eaten the little hut that they sleep in. So I am told they do this all the time and I thought the chew toys that are in the cage would be sufficient but they are not. Oh well.

Work is going well for me but is extremely busy. We are short staff and are losing one more employee at the end of the week to another position within UMG. We are part of the whole work smarter and harder work ethic and have been told their is no one to interview. So if anyone has 2 years work experience in the medical field and is looking for work in Greenville give me a call and I will route you to the application process. I would greatly appreciate just an applicant for the position :)

We are getting ready to enjoy the weekend and the 4th of July. For the first time in a long time we aren't going anywhere. Partially because we can't afford it and partially because we are pooped! The plan is to sleep in tomorrow....shooting for 7 am (haha). Perhaps check out some yard sales, catch a movie...who knows? Maybe even go to the pool for a little bit.

I hope all is well with everyone that keeps up with us! We love you all and hope to see you soon!