Monday, March 8, 2010

Can we say Comedian?

So tonight after dinner AnnMarie states she would like to go play outside. CJ had them outside on such a beautiful afternoon before I got home but since I didn't get to play I readily agreed and outside the Caubles went. AnnMarie asked to get in the swing first (we have three but only one "baby" swing that buckles the child in) and the two of them fight over who gets in it. We tend to think it's because we will push higher and the child in it dosen't have to worry about holding on. So AnnMarie is taking her turn and she proceeds to tell me that she fell and hit her head earlier. To which Noah responds, yeah it was so cool! Daddy pushed her and she went around and around the swing (his interpertation is like over the bar that hold the swing, like in a full circle rather then a pendoleum), to which AnnMarie replies, "Yeah Mommy. My head hit the ground and my butt stayed in the seat." To which we all thought was hilarious!! I mean really, imagine a 3 year old (well almost three) describing herself upside down strapped to a swing stating "my head hit the ground but my butt was still in the seat". Ok, so maybe I am the only one who found this pretty funny but you have to think it with her little country accent too. That makes it funnier. CJ says she didn't really hit the ground but that she was hanging upside down. If only I could have seen that one!

I am already thinking of what I will be writing for AnnMarie's post for her predictions when her birthday rolls around. She can be hilarious and quite a drama queen. Thats my girl!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Moving On Up

Moving on up...To the East you remember the Jeffersons song?

Thought I would give you a quick update on my job. I was offered the opportunity to change my "extra duty" which would be running all of the credit cards that are collected through out the day. Of course I said yes, trying to be the ever available employee....and then I have been doing it since Monday. O.M.G. That is all I have to say. For once, Shaneki had to take deep breaths and say "I can do this"....

I was told that we processed more credit cards yesterday then have ever been processed in the department. I can't get into amounts but I can tell you it was more than 2.5 times what we normally do. If this tells you anything...I was allowed to go into overtime....which is unheard of.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am staying busy and wouldn't have it any other way. It's all part of my plan to take over UMG Adminstration....haha. Ask me in 15 years if everything turned out the way I planned it!!!

I thought of another thing to add to Noah's post but I have since forgotten it. It was really good so I am sure it will come back when he does it again.

On a side note, please check out the blog on our list for Lee and Hannah. They have been expecting beautiful Eden Caroline to come in April and she was born by emergency c-section this past monday. She is a little over 6 weeks early and from what I have heard she is doing well but still needs time to grow. Please pray for them, as this was unexpected and I could only imagine the feeling of having to leave my baby at the hospital instead of taking her home with me.

Keep us up to date on how you are all doing....all two of you that read this that is!!