Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ta Dahh....News to celebrate!

So remember in a previous post I was in my whole mood of I am scared to death and not really sure where my life is headed mood? Right after that I was able to graduate and experience all of the really cool emotions of having accomplished another thing in my life. Some people say it's so cool that I have my masters now and then others, (mainly family) are wondering when I will start my doctorate. HAhA. One day we will go down that road, and hopefully with the assistance of someone else footing the bill. (In laymen terms at this point I owe almost 35,000 in student loans. hmmmm, that's almost half of what my home is worth....) But nevertheless I have finally graduated and I have news!!! The week prior to graduation I was given a phone call to come in for a second interview for the last job I interviewed for on November 20. It was for the Greenville Hospital System in the billing department/Customer service. I didn't get overly excited about the interview because I have been down this road many times....I counted up all of the interviews I had been to on the way to this interview and the grand total is 16. 16 interviews in 9 months. I looked for a job for 16 months, got my first interview in March and it has been a series ever since. I have been on several second, third and even fourth interviews. Anyway I went in and was grateful for the opportunity and was asked if I was sure I understood the job description and that I would be on the phone dealing with insurance all day. I stated how I understood and was still interested in the position and then they told me I had the job. Wow! That wasn't expected but was very appreciative and I offically start on January 4, 2010 at 7:30 am in training. Yipee!! I have a new JOB. So I will let you know more about my job next week after I start orientation! Thanks for praying and giving me good advice. It's time to start the next stage and see where the good Lord is going to lead me!

Merry Christmas!!

Hey everyone! We want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and I hope you each get an opportunity to take the day off and enjoy family and friends! Don't forget that it's all about Jesus' birthday and it will make it that much sweeter. It's interesting to watch the children try to tie together Jesus' birthday with Santa. They keep going, "thats on the same day?" We love you all and hope to send a nice Christmas picture in a few days!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gatlinburg Tree Pic

Here is the Cauble clan under the tree in Gatlinburg when we went on our last minute vacation this fall. Well, lets be honest, that's usually the only way we go on vacation but never the less we had a great time!

Contemplation about Graduation

I assume that most of you know but perhaps you don't that I have been working towards my Masters in Business Adminstration for the last two years. Technically I began working towards it before AnnMarie was born by taking classes to get in the program, so I suppose I have been going to class for 3 years, but whose counting right?

Well, I am officially graduating December the 10 at 2:00 pm if anyone would like to come. I went to classes for so long and have not had to go since late August. I kind of felt like I was on a Summer break (which by the way I never had) and I am just waiting to go back to class. But in reality I don't have to go back to class....I am done. This is such a foreign concept to me and it is really just now beginning to hit me what I have done. Part of me is saying....NO.....I don't want to be done. I really do enjoy the classes and the interaction with other working adults that are similar to me with families and just trying to better themselves. (And who in their right mind wants to start paying back those school loans?????) But then the other part of me is saying whew....thank goodness I don't have to sacrifice all of the time away from the family or worry about how much homework I can get done after the kids go to bed.

Needless to say I find myself in this really strange moment. I don't know how to handle myself or really know what to experience. I know I should be really excited and somewhere deep down I think I am. But I am also scared. I mean, why in the world did I get my MBA? Where has this stage of my life led me to and am I going to be ready to go through those doors when they are opened? So far all doors I have shoved against have remained sealed shut....which in so many ways I am thankful but beaten. I told our small group I know the good Lord has prepared a time and purpose for everything and that He loves to teach patience. But that I was also wondering if I had done this all for myself and not Him and that He could lead me into a complete different direction. At this point I am trying to be still and quiet and learn how to patiently wait.

What a load to unleash but I think I needed to say this about ten times for everything to sink in. I am graduating. With a Masters. And I have learned valuable lessons about the business world and how I can fit better into it. Well, I don't really know where I fit into it but at least I know it is an option. And the most important lesson I have learned so far is I will never be done learning about what God has in store for me. He will reveal His plan when He sees fit and I just have to have faith in this promise. I am sure that you have probably experienced something similar and know exactly what I am talking to send some encouraging words of wisdom?