Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am so lame...

So I cannot begin to tell you how many posts I have sent from my cell phone to the website that have not posted. It's just a lot. I have tried everything but to no avail and for some reason I do not feel as if I can blog something unless I have a picture or video. How silly of me.

I just wanted to send an update because I am sure that the thousands of you following us are wondering when we are going to post something here goes.

AnnMarie has decided that she is going to be potty trained. We are so far in the process that she got to go to Chucky E Cheese last night, (Noah too) because she had stayed dry for three days in a row. Keep in mind we still have accidents but at least aren't even purchasing pull ups anymore!

Noah is enjoying school at Northwest Crescent. He is a big boy now and it is so hard to believe he is actually in school. He has his first open house next week so we will get to see how well he is doing. That is a whole other post for another day though.

CJ and I have been working like dogs......ha just kidding. Things have actually slowed down for me a bit which is a great relief because it was getting crazy there. CJ on the other hand is using all of his new General Manager skills to make Chick Fil A the best it can be. It is nice to watch his transformation as well as his interaction with Zack to really pull the store together. He might think otherwise but I find that he is doing a great job!

We might, but not holding my breath, be doing renovations at our office in TR this week. (Like starting today)! But for anyone who knows we have been going to do this for almost two years now. Hahaha. If we are doing them starting today that means that Michelle, Becca and I are going to be moving about 10,000 charts and pulling carpet this week. Maybe we should wait two more years....

And as a side note, I have a great story to tell you about renewing my driver's license. Well, really it is more like a soap box. But that will wait for another day! Also, I fixed the comment box so that anyone can leave a comment now. All you have to do is post yourself as anomyous and it will allow it to post. Then you have to do one of those squiggly line things...supposedly to reduce unwanted comments by spammers. If you have problems just let me know!

Lastly, If you are following me and the caubles we have two prayer requests. The first being for Poppa (CJ's grandfather Cauble). It is suspected that he has oral cancer but will need to do a biopsy to determine if it is. In order to do this they will need to put Poppa to sleep which raises great complications for him. They are going to do this next Friday, October 9. Please pray for Wisdom for the doctors and peace of mind for the family. Second, we have a family in our church that I am attached to, the Wilsons. They have a newborn son in Charleston at MUSC with severe heart and lung complications. They have been there for over 4 months. Especially those of you in the lowstate, could you check out their blog and become enamored and inspired by this real family? If you feel led to share their story please do so. I promise you will be uplifted but keep tissues near by. Josiah just needs to come home but contintually gets hit by infections and complications. Please lift him and the Wilson's up. Their blog is

We love you all and hope to see you all soon!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Day On New JOB!

Today I went to my first church as a church consultant. I have had the training and been involved in the process, but today I traveled 215 miles one way to minister to a church. It was amazing. I love working with churches and spending time with believers. I always feel at home in a church and love being in the pulpit. I hope that this was the first of many to come. I know there will be some that aren't as fun, but then again maybe each one will have its own excitement. Thank you for your prayers as we work toward the goal of full time church consultant. --cj

Monday, September 7, 2009

Go Big Red

Dad and I went to Nebraska in 2006 to watch Neb play Colorado. It was amazing! I have now seen two other games. Neb vs wake Forest and Neb vs. Clemson. We are 3-0 with me there!

Summer 2009

Here is our family photo at the beach! Aww...aren't we cute!

AnnMarie, Tarence and Noah loved being at the beach together! Cousins are the best thing in the whole wide world!

Don't let either one of them fool you. Neither can live without the other, nor live with the other most of the time! They definately have a special bond.

Poor baby Tarence. His cousins love him very much but unfortunately he is the youngest...which could only lead to trouble for Tarence further down the road.

The joys of the sprinkler in the late Spring. Watch out everyone...this will be a black mail photo in years to come.

Happy Labor Day! and Chick fil a!

What a nice day least for me and the kids. Poor Daddy had to work because Chick-Fil-A decided they would give away free food all day (on the day when most people are off) so he had to work hard. We went and got our free lunch and the line was literally out both doors. The drive through line was backed up to Wade Hampton...whew I sure am glad it wasn't me working those crowds!
I know what you're thinking....CJ is the general manager, you get free food all the time right!!! HAHAHA! If anyone knows CJ then they will fully understand this statement. Chick fil a does not give employees families/friends a discount so therefore I am not entitled to a discount. And CJ follows it to a tee. If he finds out someone tries to give me a discount then the poor soul is tortured about the rules of Chick fil a and how they apply to everyone including his family. So, because of the RULES I always go to Chick fil a when it is FREE! (Of course every now and then the owner feels sorry for me and cuts me a deal...he makes me promise not to tell the managers...shhhhh.)
I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed their time off. I think I am ready to finally send out the mass text to let everyone know this page exists! I will try to add a slideshow of pictures this evening.