Tuesday, February 21, 2012

AnnMarie's view of a 7 year old

So Friday the 17th I woke AnnMarie up and told her to get dressed we needed to sing Happy Birthday to Noah.

AnnMarie immediately popped up, (remember she is the child like me....we don't talk or do anything but moan and groan the first 20 minutes you try to wake us up...hehehe), and said,

"But Momma, he dosen't look like a 7 year old. When is he going to get bigger?"
To which I responded that children grow slowly and in time he would be bigger. So AnnMarie's next question obviously makes sense,
"So does that mean he will grow at school today?"

Sweet sweet AnnMarie. She experiences life like no other!

Noah is a man after his momma's heart

I know I repeatedly say how Noah is such a loving and thoughtful child. He really is!

For example, on Sunday I was doing some chores around the house while CJ was at youth group. I helped the kids straighten up their room, as that is always such a chore it requires both child and adult. :) I had moved on into the kitchen and living room and the kids wanted to know what they could do to help. I normally prefer to just do it on my own, as I usually find myself repeating the actions so they are done to my satisfaction. I have a tendancy to overdo things at times, don't laugh, and particularly when it comes to housework. But on this night, I saw the plea to help momma, and I asked the kids to remove the clothes from the dryer to the chair. (Am I the only one that has piles of clothes that are sorted to be washed, the washer and dryer always full, 3 loads always waiting to be folded, plus at least 3 loads waiting to be put up?)

Well, AnnMarie lasted all of the 3 minutes it took to unload the dryer, but Noah took it to the next level. Instead of just putting the clothes on the pile I had already started, Noah folded that load of clothes, took all of the clothes that were already folded, and put them in the rooms they were to go in. THEN he put up all of the clothes for everybody.

Now, the only chore in the entire house that CJ does not do is put up his laundry. CJ will take clothes out of the laundry basket folded instead of putting them up. He hates putting up clothes. I think CJ was more excited about Noah helping out because now he wouldn't get in trouble for not putting up his clothes!

Noah is such a sweet child. I was so proud of him for helping me out. Thank you Noah for being the thoughtful child you are. One day you will make a wonderful Husband!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


So I'm beginning to wonder if we are having a late winter or if we just won't have one this year. Really??? 70 degree weather in January? I'll take that anyday!

It's hard to realize that Noah will be turning 7 next week. Really???? 7???

If you know me at all you know that the end of winter and beginning of Spring is full of planning birthday parties. I live my children's lives through them. There, I said it!

It goes without saying that if there was one thing that Momma did right, it was Birthdays. She would wake us up with either a cake or sometimes it would be cinnamon toast with whipped cream on it. You really felt like the day was all about you. Now me and Torlin both were born in the summer, so we always were able to enjoy the outdoors and it almost always included the beach somehow. I can remember that Torlin almost always got to have his party at the park across the road and a magician came. I know we didn't do that every year, but it sure did seem like it!!!!

Birthdays weren't always such a big deal once I moved in with my grandparents. I mean, you would do something, but nothing like what Momma planned. When I got married I was lucky if CJ got me a present (just kidding but you know there is some truth there), and now I know to ask for a Birthday cake. I don't care what kind of diet you are on....it is not a birthday with CAKE and ICECREAM!

I have made it my own personal mission to make sure everyone in our department at work has something for their birthday. I try to ask what kind of cake they like, but sometimes I forget and have to make a store bought run of whatever is available. I came to realize that for some, that is the only birthday celebration they might get. And that is really sad. Birthdays are meant to be special, otherwise we wouldn't even acknowledge the day right?

So the rule in our house is Momma has to know what you want to do for your birthday one month in advance. You can change your mind by the minute until we reach the 30 day count down. Once we do, Momma gets to use her socialization skills and begin getting creative.

This year, the first idea we through out was a Barn theme and take the kids to the barn and get to experience the animals, help take care of them, etc. Noah is all about helping others so he thought that would be a good idea. Then he came up with 29732769743957 other ideas, so at 3 1/2 weeks to countdown, I asked for the last time. He had decided on heading to the horse farm. Now I am SUPER PUMPED about this but I know absolutely NOTHING about farms, horses, or what in the world I am going to be doing. I have an awesome co-worker named Kay that is helping us out and I told her I must really trust her. I normally have birthday parties planned to the T, and my hands are tied here. I told her I had no idea how much time to allot to the events we are doing, and I really don't like winging it. However, I think we can't go wrong when horses are involved and we are surrounded by those that love horses and support a mission to helping others. Kay finds it really funny that the 'unknown' is what has me worked up, but at least she knows and gets it so she'll be prepared if I'm psycho mom that day!!!!

So yes, I am really scary when it comes to Birthday parties and maybe I do go overboard. But I know from personal experience that the time I pour into the cake (that is really therapy for mom, I really enjoy decorating them), planning the activities, packing the goodie bags, and decorating, will be remembered for many years to come. Last year I heard the words I secretly live for...