Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The first week...

So Noah started school last week. Can you believe it? He's in k5! He also has already missed two days! Unfortunately got sick yesterday at school and had to miss today too because he had a fever yesterday. So...it has been an eventful week. CJ's sister was so kind as to watch Noah on Monday so CJ and I could both work, and my boss was so kind as to let me have off today. I am so thankful that I was *sigh* able to have a day OFF; but not thankful that Noah was sick. He felt great today so I am glad we could spend some quality time together. It's nice to spend that one on one time with your children. We don't do that often enough I think...
We happened to discover today that Noah has a loose tooth! OMG....already? My little boy is growing up by leaps and bounds!
Even though he was out of school today, I still made Noah do schoolwork. I am such a Good Mommy...It really showed me how much Noah really does know and to know that it really won't be much longer before he can read. He is already leaps ahead of what the teacher expected, but I feel this is mostly because he got such a wonderful foundation last year (Thanks Ms. Poeterala) and a great foundation this summer. I know the pace is about to go in hyperdrive so I am glad we aren't starting from scratch. I am sure there are plenty of mommies out there that can attest to this, I am always willing to receive your advice!
Well, here we go...come check out our progress as the year goes on!

One more thing AM says...

I forgot to add perhaps one of the sweetest things AM says, other than how "good looking" I am. Haha. She always offers words of encouragement. The words she most specifically says is "I am so proud of you Mommy". This usually follows after I have done something, like fold the laundry or fix a broken toy. I think it is safe to say she will have the gift of encouraging words and to be honest it sure is nice to hear "I'm so proud of you!" So words of advise...tell someone today, I am proud of you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kids say the darnest things

So I thought I would share some of the really funny things (and cute) the kids are saying nowadays...

AM likes to welcome me when I come home by saying "Hey There Good Lookin!" (She earns extra points in my book for this one but mostly because her daddy taught her to say this)

AM always likes to ask each of us, Noah included, "So how was your day today?"

AM asked Nan last week...Can sisters marry brothers? And now she knows they can not, so she told me this week...One day I am going to grow up and get married Mommy!

Noah told me this past week that he has a girlfriend and her name is Madison. He states that she is his girlfriend because she is new at school and he asked her first....(with a smirk on his face might I add...)

Any time you ask Noah how he knows something he will simply tell you, "my brain tells me everything"

Noah told me this morning that God was in the Earth and that we should all love God. He almost has this one right...but is definately on the right track.

AM's latest question is, "what's your last name?" At lunch on Sunday we were all Cauble's which very much upset AM...not sure why...but she thought that was funny.

I know there are a ton more and I will do my best to start writting them down...I will be sad one day if I can't remember all of them so this will be a good way to keep up with those darn kids!