Thursday, June 28, 2012

Storm has decided that he doesn't always need to eat. What he doesn't know is I have a secret weapon! AnnMarie feeds him a few handfuls and then he's chowing down before he realizes his defiance isn't working! He babies her like she is his little momma. He is ever gentle with her and very protective of both children. When Big Daddy was here a few days he was trying to wrassle with the kids. That didn't go well...Storm jumped between the kids and looked at Big Daddy like....."hey fight someone your own size like me!" Such a sweet boy!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Cauble Update

Good Evening! Whew, it took a few minutes to type in all of those email addressess....we know so many people!
We have had quite an adventure these past two and a half weeks. We moved to Rocky Mount, NC on June 4 instead of June 6. There was a job that came up unexpectedly with CJ's dad and so we moved up our moving day since he was driving one of our moving trucks. We filled up 2 moving trucks and caravaned up that evening. We got a late start and were not able to leave Taylors until 5 pm, but we all made it to the new home safely by 11:30 pm. It was a very long day!
We woke up early on Tuesday as the Church was sending men to unload the trucks at 8 in the morning. CJ's dad flew out of the Raleigh airport on Tuesday morning at 6 am, so we knew we would be up bright and early. Plus CJ is so used to getting up early it's hard to get him to be in the bed past 6:30 am. CJ and I checked out the house, as it was kinda hard to see so late when we arrived. The house is HUGE!!!! If you have ever been to our home in Taylors you know it was a lovely little home with a nice fenced in back yard. We now have more then twice the room and somehow everything we fit into that little home fit just right into the new home. The building in the back is a large workshop, much much larger then the one CJ built. There are outlets and benches and cabinets everywhere, giving CJ free roam and ability to create and build whatever his heart desires. He loves to spend time out there when it's not to hot...and having the carport attached to it is nice too. When I think about how we started this adventure, and when CJ asked what was I wanting in a home, I made this dream list: 2000 square feet, 4 bedrooms (wanted room for guests), 2 bathrooms, carport, 1 1/2 acres, a porch I could relax on, and all for under $120,000. This home meets all of my requirements....and I love it. Isn't it neat to see how God answers even the simplist of our desires? I'm concerned that the power bill will be that much more,....and I'm praying it isn't (I keep bumping up the air, it has been unusually cool until around Wed of this week). Back to the guys coming in at 8 on Tuesday. Within 2 hours both of the moving trucks were unloaded. Both of them!!!! I can proudly say that all of the boxes are unpacked and I am now in the 'organizing' stage of unpacking. (You know how when you unpack something you just dump it right? now I'm going back and making sense of all the dumping I did the first week! I still have no idea where everything is, but it's all starting to take shape in my mind)
CJ started working office hours and filling in his roles last Monday, June 11. He has gotten a lot accomplished these past two weeks and has many ideas about where we want to head with the church. He has gotten a calendar together for both the youth and children and those extra cirucular activites begin this Wednesday. He will be preaching on Sunday evenings, and he preached the first time last Sunday. He's talking about Jonah and how if Jonah had been willing to listen to God and do as he asked from the beginning the book of Jonah would of turned out completely different. But since Jonah fought what God had asked him to do, God was able to bring even more people to know him through Jonah's disobedience. Eventually God will get what he wants, either through us or someone else. Interesting thought huh?
The kids are transitioning well, but miss their friends. Noah got a post card from his friend Garrett that always sends him a card when he goes on vacation. Garrett had written a simple sentence that Noah read on his own, "Noah, I miss you terribly. Love Garrett". Noah read the card outloud and then cried. He went upstairs to be alone for a minute. Can I begin to explain to you how that tore my heart? If you or your child have a moment, would you mind sending them a note? Our address is: 11541 East NC 97 Rocky Mount,NC 27803. I know they would love to hear from their friends. Also, if you know of additional friends that I have not included with this email, could you please forward it to them? At this point I do not have everyone's address and I can't find our address list....Could everyone send me their physical address and phone numbers? Thanks!
I am still planning on beginning work once school starts, which for us is August 27. I was able to have a phone interview today with a gentleman who is an insurance broker and invester and works with the local small businesses and providing benefits to the employees. It looks promising. Please keep this opportunity in your prayers. It would be a part time position of 25-30 hours a week, allowing me to be more active with the children and their schedules, as well as with the church. It this isn't what I need to do then we want that clearly written on the walls rather then pursuing a wrong path.
While we have had a ton of good and amazing stuff going on, we have also had pooey stuff going on too. When I got about 15 minutes away from the home in Rocky Mount on June 4 the car went crazy. Turns out the cam shaft broke, we lost all of the oil out of the car and 3 of the 8 pins?? blew, meaning we now are out of a vehicle. We have been operating with just CJ's truck since we moved, which has been doable, but certainly not what we prefer. Because I am not working it has been easier to manage, and we decided to repair the Durango. Mostly because we still owe on the Durango as we just purchased it last year used, and we would have to pay it off to scrap it. The repairs are going to wind up costing right under $3000, so we have already spent our savings! For some reason I am completely at peace about this situation. I know that God will provide, just like he always has before. Have I learned that at any noise take the car to the repair shop? YES! Like CJ said, $200 of maintenance is a whole lot less than replacing an engine! I suppose I will start pinching pennies somewhere else....
I am enjoying playing the stay at home mom most days. I want to get the kids out and to meet new friends. That has proved difficult with our car situation. We should have the Durango back this week, so I am looking forward to doing things like take them to the library, and various functions in the community. We will have VBS in a few weeks, and I hope to meet several parents so we can arrange some play dates. And of course we are looking forward to inviting some friends from SC to visit!
I'm sure you guys want to hear about the church as well! Southside Baptist has been so warm and welcoming to our arrival. I keep meeting new people, and we have had over 200 people in each Sunday service so far. We are surrounded by several church members at our home's location, so we receive visits often which is wonderful! We will have VBS in a few weeks, they are starting Upward Soccer, which the kids are thrilled about, and we are going on a missions trip to Kentucky at the end of July. The church is maxed out for both Sunday School and Church, so they are looking at the possiblity of adding to the sanctuary, starting 2 services, or begining the second phase of the construction and building the gym so that we can seat up to 700 if needed. I have been told that the old church has been rented to another church and that church is running 300 to 500 a Sunday. It is so interesting that Southside in their old location had dwindled down to 50 people. They built their new church about 7 miles away, and it is now drawing over 200 people a week. They put their church up for sale, and now a new church is drawing the 3-500 people a week in the same location they could only reach 50 in. Suprisingly enough, sometimes it takes a move to move people. We know that their is a purpose for everything and I can't wait to unfold the layers of what will be done at Southside. CJ and I are truly excited about what God has in store for both us and this area. We are at peace with our decision to move and come here! This is where the good Lord wants us!
We are excited to be here but we also like to keep up with family and friends back home. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are all doing. Some of you have had babies lately and I wish we could of spent more time together before we left!!!! Please know that all of you are on our hearts and in our prayers. We love you and I promise to keep in touch!
Love,Shaneki, CJ, Noah and AnnMarie
Home phone 252 210 9410 (we still have the same cell numbers)
11541 East NC 97
Rocky Mount, NC 27803
**I was able to add a few pics to the email. I will send a few updated shots of the house soon...I have to clean it first :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

AM is a firm believer that if one swim ring isnt enough grab another one! at one point she had 3 and cackled and cackled while we wobbled as she held them up. Silly doodle!
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