Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where did the last five years go?

Well there it is. Where in the world did the last five years go? Noah celebrated his fifth birthday this past week and I have come to the realization that I have become "one of those mamas". Yep...I said it. I took my precious little boy in my arms and told him I remembered the day he was born and what I was doing the night before. It's funny how all of the previous birthdays he was still my little boy. But now it seems he is more of my little man. For instance last Sunday we were in our new location for church, (we moved to Blue Ridge High...the church did as a whole that is), and Noah was checking it out. He was found in the auditorium listening to the band practice and just taking it all in. He asked me before the service if he could stay with me and CJ rather then going to his class. I told him that was fine as long as he could behave. The kids have the option to have their own service up until 5th grade. Noah did great and then this week he asked to be in there with us again. It never fails to amaze me how much more he processes then I give him credit for.

Noah has become such a sweet loving and caring boy. I am going to give some predictions...lets see if they come true.

Noah will work with people because of his love for others. The opinion of others is very important to Noah and he thrives off of compliments. He always notices when I change my hair or have my nails done. And he always notices when I spend more time to make myself "pretty" and compliments me by telling me he loves me and how pretty I am. Well ladies watch out...I think he is also going to be a smooth talker.

And then he has this side about him too.....God love him...he gets this from his daddy....I asked Noah today was he sure he could learn something from the grown up sermon instead of his class. In which he responds...I already know all of that stuff. Hmmmm sound familar anyone? But at least it is a thirst for more that compels him.

Noah is always ready to help me around the house. He truely is a people pleaser. He knows my patterns and that when the kids go down for "quiet time" I do the chores around the house. He tells me, I want to help you mommy...If only that could rub off on AM.

So in five years these are the solid things I have noticed about my little man. It's sad really. He is growing right before my eyes. But he is still Momma's boy and it makes me wonder how much longer I will be allowed to give him a kiss or hug in front of his friends....