Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Calling all Drama Queens....

So need I ever tell you that AnnMarie is a fashion fionata and very much a drama queen. CJ and I joke that she is as stubborn as I am and as hard willed as he is. Poor child. Actually, poor Noah. With all of her drama it will be a wonder if we remember he is in the room....which brings me to Sunday. It all began when we were getting ready for church and I had already dressed AnnMarie, gave Noah his clothes to put on and was trying desperately to get to the bathroom so I could at least get a shower. I post this picture first, even though it is one of the final products just so you can see the "refusal to meet mom in the eye stare"....again stubborn as her momma. AnnMarie is not wearing the original outfit I had put her in, it is the final product. However, she knocked on the door while I was trying to do my hair and asked if she could wear this....
To which I boldly told her NO! It is freezing outside! I will come and see what else you might could wear when i get done with my hair. To which AnnMarie responded with...(written all over her face...we'll see. I'll do it myself"...) I go to check on her, in which she has shut her bedroom door, and she has changed her shirt to the above tank top and has put the shorts on. (which required taking off shoes and putting them back on) Need I tell anyone that it is like 33 degrees outside and my daughter is trying to go with the bare necessities. No to mention it comes no where close to matching. which is the least of my worries considering she has been fighting off a cold all week. To which I tell her that she is not wearing that, change her clothes back and this is the response I get.

We were not allowed to make eye contact, she never said a word, but she is obviously not happy with me. This stubbornness continues all the way to church, a 30 minute drive, and I am finally the cool mommy after church. Whew. What a drama queen!

Just in case you forgot how determined she was....she was really confused after I dressed her back when i got the camera out. I just couldn't refuse to take her picture. I can't wait to show her one day when her daughter is giving her a fit! Was I really this stubborn????

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I went to the DMV a few weeks ago to change the address on my driver's license. I had a few minutes and thought I would see how long the line was (it is always notoriously long in Greenville County) and see what all I would need to do. So I walk in and there is NO ONE in there. And I was like great! This will only take a minute. I ask the woman at the front desk what I need to do and she said to fill out this form but go straight to line 16. Ok. I told her all I had for proof of residence was my new mortgage statement and she said that was ok I didn't need a proof of residency. This did not ring in with me until later.

So I go to line 16 and proceed with filling out my form. I write my new address (which by the way I have lived there for 18 months but now that I have purchased it if I want the lower taxes everything has to be accurate...I'll do anything for a discount or coupon...haha.) on the form and she says "I need $10 and your former ID". Check. "Come take your picture". Check. "Here is your new ID". Check.

So what is wrong with this picture? I don't know if any of you have noticed but I am now a red head and have put on a "few" pounds. Hair is short again. When I took my last picture I was slender, blond and long hair. All I did was walk in with an ID that really didn't look that much like me and say "I need to change my address" and vioala I have a new ID with my picture. Who would know if I was who I said I was or really lived where I said I did. No need to get a fake id anymore, all you have to do is go to the DMV and get you a real one!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A quick getaway

So CJ gets me up at 4:30 Friday morning to let me know that he might want to go out of town this weekend. Like that day. In eight hours. HA! I love spontaneous trips so I was all for it. We decided to go to Gatlinburg to pretty much just hang out and enjoy the family for a day. We wanted to be back Saturday night so we would be back in time for Small Group on Sunday, so it was a short but enjoyable trip. I will post pics tomorrow...after I get CJ to download them...hahaha.

It was great because we didn't have to pack PULL UPS! Praise the LORD! I love potty trained youngins! We also did not pack the portacrib because we just knew we wouldn't need it. the kids have been begging to have a sleep over so this is the perfect opportunity, right??? HAHA! Poor AnnMarie was rolled on, attacked and even kicked out of the bed by Noah. I eventually made her a pallet in the floor. Did I mention we all went to bed at 9:15...we aren't real late owls as you can tell! Anyway, we did go to an amusement park that we went to when two years ago and took pictures around the same area. If I can find both sets of pictures I'll post them. Thought that was really cool.

Battery on the computer is about to die but I am trying to get the hang of this blogging stuff...keeping everyone up to date!