Monday, April 26, 2010

My Sweet AnnMarie

Really? Three years old? Sweet AnnMarie is now officially three years old and a ball of fire! She actually turned 3 on April 10th and I am just really late on posting this....just like I am late on sending thank you cards for her presents!! HAHA.

AnnMarie always puts a smile on my face. Let me tell you all about her.

She is a talker. I wish there was some way to enunciate this.....I mean the girl never stops! Every year at Christmas after the kids have played all day and night with their cousins we get in the car for the hour drive home. We always think the kids will fall right asleep and Noah always does. But AnnMarie? No, why would she when she can talk all the way home. And I mean ALL.the.way.home. In.the.dark. To.herself. She hasn't missed a year yet. While the first year was a bunch of babbling, all of the following years made good sense. At least she kept us awake on the ride home!

Because AnnMarie is always talking you will always know where you stand with her. If she is made at you she lets you know by ignoring you. She has this famous put your chin on your shoulder and stare at you out of the corner of her eye. That's her...I'm mad and never talking to you again look. Don't worry she'll need to get all of those words out soon!

Then you have the whole...I have to be exactly like my big brother, unless I am mad at him and then I just want to hit him. What? You got it....this girl is all girl and never knows what she wants. But normally she watches her brother and depending if she is mad at him or not as to if she wants to be just like him or to agrivate him. Go figure.

The worse punishment for AnnMarie is to seperate her from her brother. This is sad but true and these two have a solid, love/hate relationship. They never want to be seperate but at the same time cannot handle not being together.

This girl is a girly girl and loves to have her hair done and get her nails painted. Thank goodness she has tiny nails so it doesn't take long to paint! (we probably do our nails 2 a week!) She likes to wear skirts and dresses and is Very Excited about seeing the princesses when we go to Disney. Currently her favorite princess is Cinderalla.

Well, I hope this gives you an insight on AM as we nicknamed her. Happy Birthday AnnMarie!