Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The sun and moon

I wanted to share this phrase that Noah keeps repeating...
Recently he informed us that he just figured out something. The moon and the sun follow him where ever he goes. And it's just him...but that crazy sun and moon follow him whereever he is.
Is that not hilarious? I told CJ we had to write that one down because we could not forget it. The sun and moon follow him....only my genius son would figure out he was that special.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas, Snow and Snow

This is from the snow today..We wound up with 7 inches of snow and it snowed all morning.Noah is enjoying the snow in the back of the truck. We tried to make a snow man but this is not really the snow that packs..it was just really fluffy.
I caught AnnMarie eating the snow off of her gloves. We had to switch from her snow gloves to her mittens...as displayed by the below picture.

AnnMarie is trying to tell her Daddy that it is time to go in because their are bugs in her gloves...Also known as snow.

Noah is enjoying climbing the tree. He told me he had never climbed that far before...

This picture is from the snow we got on Christmas. AM was very concerned that the animals from the nativiy scene were covered with snow...so she worked on getting them all clean.

Noah is having a good old time trying to build a snow man on the metal bender.

All AM wanted to do was build a snow angel. She was ready to do it at midnight on Christmas but we convinced her to wait until morning.

AM helped me decorate cookies. Looks like she ate most of them but the looks of her cheeks!