Friday, August 31, 2012

That is one mamma jamma humongo pool! its bigger than my car!

Whew! I can mark the first task of the day off the to do list! Clean kids pool {to which I have also since added...prepare for winter storage}. Would Mom allow a little pool? Oh no she fought dad for a big one. Which is quite a booger to clean on your own! it also costs about 12 bucks to fill up which we have done 3 times because the kids like to put dirt in it. Maybe we can just get an inground pool for next summer. Mom likes the sound of that better!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cauble Update

It's hard to believe that we have lived in Rocky Mount for almost 3 months. I haven't worked in 12 weeks!!!! CJ told the Deacons Monday night that our savings was meant to hold us over until the children started school so we needed prayer that I would find a job soon. One deacon made the comment, 'oh, so Shaneki has just been on an extended vacation this summer.." to which CJ responded....'I wouldn't tell her that!' :)
Now that the children are beginning school this upcoming week the reality has begun to settle in that we are not just 'visiting' Rocky Mount. This is a real move in which it would do me well to begin making roots. For anyone that really knows me they know that I dig in at any opportunity to help out or as I used to be called, become the 'social butterfly'. I enjoy doing things for others. It is deep in my veins. But now it is time for me to make commitments, like teaching Sunday School. Joining committees to plan events (this one committment has me SUPER PUMPED! We all know how much Shaneki likes to plan parties and events!!!!) Something even bigger I should probably do is get a job....I know I know....who wants to do that? But it is time. I will be very lonely come Wednesday when both children are in school. Sure it will be nice for a day or two, but then I will be over it.
Things are going really well at the church. We celebrated our Homecoming and Building Dedication last Sunday. Since our last update we have had VBS, which we had over 200 people attend at least 1 night and an average attendance of 150 a night. The last portion of July we took 33 people to Corbin Kentucky to share the love of Jesus by doing several different acts of kindness. We held Backyard Bible Clubs, assisted with a Doll Ministry, reconstructed and arranged a new workshop for Frankfort Baptist Church for the Doll Ministry, completed a ramp for a family of 3 elderly sisters, assisted Cedaridge Ministries with a food drive, organizing in their thrift store, recycling and helped complete a check list of items on an addition to a home for a family. We did other things while we were there too, but we were split into so many teams it is hard to know and remember all of them. I think it is safe to say that we all learned and grew from the week. We have done a few different activities with the children. They have a little park called the 'spray park', which has all kinds of sprinklers that come out of the ground that kids can run through. We took the children from the church there. We also took them to see the movie "Megamind" for the $1 day at the theater. We planned an event at the lake in which we went fishing and set up sprinklers. Unfortunately a sprinkle and downpour prevented us from swimming in the lake or going boat riding. The youth have done several activities as well, such as a lock in, $1 movie, lake/pool party, and Kings Dominion (similar to a Carowinds). There are a ton of other things we have done too, those are just the things that stick out in my mind.
We have spent the week in return from our Daytona vacation getting ready for school. Noah starts on Tuesday and they begin the Kindergarten classes on a staggered start for the first 3 days. This means that AnnMarie will not start until Wednesday, giving her 2 days at home with Momma. We took full advantage of the free haircuts that JC Penny's is giving right now for the month of August. As long as the child is between kindergarten and 6th grade they can get a free haircut, just make an appointment. I might of even met my own new hairstylist...I really liked her!
We are still in the process of purchasing the home here in Rocky Mount. We are experiencing frustration that we didn't experience when we bought the house in Taylors. We repeatedly provide information to the lender, and it keeps getting lost. At one point we were to close on the house around Sept 14, but I am not so sure that it's the case right now. One day at a time...but we are closer then when we began, right?
We are often told so many stories of how the Good Lord has brought all of us together in Rocky Mount at Southside Baptist. I keep telling everyone that while things were occuring here and in the works for over a year, things were occuring in South Carolina too that were perparing us to move as well. One day soon I should write the story, as we don't want to forget it! I have coined a phrase that I am sure I stole from someone else. Sometimes we don't know or understand why we are going through what we are going through. But we know that one day we will be able to look back and see all of the pieces fit together and begin to make sense. Sometimes it has taken me years to see all of the pieces fit, and sometimes just minutes. It's interesting to see the pieces from so many places come together to create what we have at the moment.

Here little catterpillar! or however you spell it!

Wow! Can you see them? It's a nice cool day {currently 71} so CJ and I are in the yard. I Walked by this azalea bush and these catepillars caught my eye. With no effort I counted at least 15 of these guys on the bush! I Am uncertain if they always cacoon here or if they will travel on. Will keep you posted....Maybe we will get to see some butterflies!?
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Daytona 2012

We had a great time on vacation with the Cauble Family in Daytona FL! Here are just a few pics of the vacation.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cauble Divas

I have created a mini diva. The Cauble ladies are enjoying a little girls day and AnnMarie is getting her own pedicure. What a wonderful treat! AnnMarie picked out bright green polish! What a girl!
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The best summer cake ever!

Where in the world have I been? And why has no one introduced me to a pig pickin cake before? AnnMarie is seen here licking the icing for the cake....Which I would have to sumise that it was better for you to see her doing this then me! The cake consists of yellow cake mix, 4 eggs, 1/2 cup veg oil, and 11oz mandarian oranges. Mix well and cook 350 in the cake pans. For icing take 8 oz crushed pineapple drain and reserve liquid. In pineapple mix 1 instant vanilla pudding mix and 8oz of coolwhip. Mix pineapple and pudding first. Once cake layers are cooled take reserved juice and approx 2 tbsp sugar and heat on stove to make a simple syrup. Pour evenly over layers. Once done ice the cake. It must stay refrigerated and it delicious! I have looked for any excuse to make it this have to try it! I have varied it up too and put the icing on strawberry cake....just as delicious!
Let me know how it turns out.
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