Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Long awaited Pictures! these are no where near the newest pictures but they are pictures none the less! Theyare out of just enjoy! Here are the kids enjoying the snow last March! They rode around on the top of a golf cart pulled by a 4 wheeler by our neighbor. Noah went kicking and screaming to not play in the you can tell once he got out there he was really happy!

Here is Noah, Kyle, Ethan and Alex (or at least most of Alex) before we went into the circus. This was Noah's birthday party for the big number 5!

Our cool pirates!

Here is AM's birthday for the big 3! We had it at chuck e cheese's and she was so mad!!! I couldn't even begin to tell you why but she didn't like singing songs and playing for the birthday..tokens and games for her only!

We went camping this past April at Lake Keowee and it was so much fun! We went hiking to find the lake so we could go fishing. I think these two reminded me of the Andy Griffith show and I took the picture while everyone was still smiling!

Silly Caubles!


The kids took pictures in front of the Christmas Tree last year. AnnMarie's doll matches her outft and is just adorable.

This is one of the few leaf piles we had going last fall...the kids loved sliding into them. They have tried making piles this year I am sure to recreate this fun but we don't have that may leaves yet!

Here's a shot of CJ and I in front of our cruise ship on the trip we took last November. We really enjoyed ourselves, other then I kept getting sea sick....and we are really to go back again. Who knows...maybe we won't visit Orlando this year and take a cruise. Can you see the beautiful color of the water? Amazing!