Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Sorry!

So I just realized that I have at least posted something once every 6 weeks or so...but no pictures! I am so sorry! These kids have grown by leaps and bounds and you haven't been able to see it. Well...I promise I will figure out how to upload the pics after we get back from vacaction next week. Remember I once told ya'll how we like to go to Gatlinburg and take our picture next to the same creek?Well we are going next week and I PROMISE I will post the pic.

We headed up to Sky Top Apple Orchard Sunday and enjoyed picking the. rain! It was still fun and I have some great shots on the camera of CJ tossing up the kids and them picking the apples. I think we might have a future cheerleader in the ranks. AM would stay so tight and we not afraid as CJ threw her so high in the air....maybe I can figure out how to post the video...( I wouldn't hold my breath on this one though...hehe)

Since the last post Noah has lost both of his front teeth on the bottom. You wouldn't know it though because the first new tooth has already completely covered the hole! Can we say braces in our future??

CJ is enjoying watching the Nebraska vs Kansas St least right now Nebraska is winning so he is currently enjoying it. We'll see by the end of the game if he's still happy. Noah has officially begun claiming he is a Clemson fan and was able to enjoy his first Clemson game with his daddy! He got to go and watch the PC game thanks to Chris Crist providing tickets! Noah told CJ he wanted to go to Clemson when he grew up and to be honest...Momma is ok with that. That means he'll be close to home...never a bad thing for a baby boy who is growing up way to quickly!

AM has begun to settle into her new school and is ready for me to leave when I drop her off in the mornings. She used to want to carry all of her stuff and keep it right with her but lately she wants me to send it to her room. She wore snow white clip on earrings to school today. She and I watched a college student get her second set of earrings "put in" last weekend and since then she has expressed intrest but not enough to want to get them pierced. I told her it would hurt but just for a minute...she dosen't seem to want to have it done just yet. There is somehing to me about her remembering getting them pierced and picking out her first earrings and it being a "milestone' so to speak. It was a big deal for me...I got to get mine pierced for my fifth birthday. So we'll go when she's ready.

We've been really busy in the back yard. We've had two trees removed and CJ just finished building a "shed". We'll we jokingly call it the "inlaw" suite b/c it is 12 ft x 20 ft. In all seriousness we really could turn it into a "home" if we needed to but for now it houses everything we don' t want in the house and it has become CJ's shop! Haha! We've talked about getting one for a while now and I told CJ that he could build a much nicer building and add to the value of the home for less then what everyone was trying to charge. So here we are. All we need to do now is the siding and I'll post a pic! Having the trees down means that I can now have a real garden that will get the appropriate amount of sunlight, looking forward to the summer and having a garden!

Well folks...Shaneki is tired. I am going to call it a night and promise myself to post again soon!